Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary for Soroptimist International of Yreka's 19/20 club year is:

  • Kenda Moore


The Recording Secretary's duties include: 

1)  record and keep the minutes of the club, board and any special meetings,

2)  be custodian of the permanent records of the club,

3)  present to the club the minutes of the club business meetings and the recommendations of the board,

4)  present to the board the minutes of the board meetings,

5)  send notices and carry on such correspondence that does not properly fall under the responsibilities of the other officers of the club.

6)  provide the past president with written decisions of the board and club relating to the club by-laws and standing rules changes,

7)  in the absence of the president and vice-president, call meetings to order at the designated time, and preside until the election of a temporary chairperson,

8)  maintain a current list of all committees,

9)  provide committee coordinators with a list of committee members and all documents referred to the committee,

10)  supply paper required for ballot voting,

11)  perform other duties as commonly pertaining to the office of recording secretary,

12)  work under and in cooperation with the president, and

13)  have such other duties and powers that arise from membership on the board of directors or as assigned by the president or board.